dr. may khin thein at university of medicine 2

Dr. May Khin Thein

M.B.,B.S, M.Med.Sc (E.N.T), F.R.C.S.Ed
Dr. Med.Sc (ORL), Dip M.Ed
Professor / Head
Dept of ORL-HNS

Brief History of the ORL-HNS Department

The ORL-HNS Department of the University of Medicine-2, Yangon was first established in 2002 by Professor Thein Tun who was the Professor and Head of the department at the time. He started to set up the out-patient clinic and actively involved in undergraduate teaching of otorhinolaryngology to final Part I  students.

In 2004, Prof Kyi Maung was posted as the Head of the department and served until 2007. During his days, he extended the clinical services as not only the out-patients, but also the in-patients ward and performed operations. The undergraduate teaching was assisted by the ENT consultants from affiliated hospitals of UM-2, Insein Hospital and ThingangyunSanpya Hospital.

In 2015, the first batch of M.Med.Sc (ORL)  has  been  started  with  4 candidates, who have finished their master degree in 2008.

After the retirement of Prof Kyi Maung in December 2007, Associate Professor Dr Saw Aung Hla Win took over the department until 2008. He also actively led the clinical and academic activities.

After the retirement of AP Saw Aung Hla Win in 2008, the activities of the department went down, due to the lack of the head of department. The four doctors who finished their Master degree of ORL from UM-2 continued to run the outpatient clinic and under graduate teaching under the supervision of Professor of ORL, UM-1 until 2011.

In 2011, the department was revived by the re-inforcement of man-power which included Associate Professor Phone MyintTun and 3 assistant lecturers. There were more both in and out patient, who were offered up-to-date treatments, likes videoscopy and audiometric test.

In February 2013, AP May Khin Thein was transfered from Thingangyun Hospital to UM-2 as Professor/Head. Second batch of M.Med.Sc (ORL) course was reopened in December 2012 with 4 candidates and completed the course in April 2015. Since then, M.Med.Sc (ORL) course has been continuing every year and changed to 3 year course in 2014.Uptil now, 6th batch of M.Med.Sc (ORL) course was completed in 2019.

Dr.Med.Sc (ORL) course was started in January, 2014 and completed 3rd batch in 2019 during which total of 8 candidates achieved their degrees.

Therefore, postgraduate courses of M.Med.Sc(ORL) and Dr.Med.Sc (ORL) are well established now and students are actively involved in their studies and research projects for the post graduate degrees.

The current activities of the department include teaching of the final PartII students in groups of about 70 students in each group visiting ORL department for 2 weeks and conduct a test of the end of period. The department aslo takes responsibility of teaching ORL subject for family medicine diploma, SAMA refresher course and other post-grade courses like M.Med.Sc dental surgery and Paediatric Medicine and Surgery.


Former Head Of Department

Photo Name Degree Year
Porf Thein Tun M.B,B.S.DLO.MMedSc(ORL)




Prof Kyi Maung M.B,B.S,DLO.M.MedSc(ORL) 2004-2007
Asso Prof Saw Ag Hla Win




Aim and Objectives


Under graduate course (Final Part II Pre Block)



To provide adequate undergraduate ORL-HNS training to become competent basic doctors.

Departmental Objectives

At the end of the instructive year, the learner should have acquired;


  1. basic ORL-HNS principles of diagnosis, management, and prognosis
  2. common ORL-HNS disorders and injuries commonly encountered in this country
  3. common ORL-HNS/trauma emergencies/basic surgical procedure


  1. history taking and clinical examination for the diagnosis of common ORL-HNS disorders and injuries
  2. asking for and interpreting results of relevant investigations
  3. delivering health education emphasizing preventive aspects of traumatic and ORL-HNS disorders


  1. patient management and care using available resources
  2. providing community health care
  3. continuing medical education, self directed learning and conducting basic research relevant to the environment he/she works in
  4. observing moral and legal codes of medical ethics
  5. interpersonal relationships and co-operation with other sectors than the medical profession
  6. recognizing ORL-HNS conditions that require appropriate and prompt referral because he/she knows his/her own limitations.
Group photo of the Department

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