Professor Khin Saw Oo

M.B.,B.S, Dip.Med.Sc(Medicine Rehabilitation),

M.Med.Sc,Dr.Med.Sc(Rehabilitation Medicine),Dip.Med Ed

Professor and Head

Brief History of the Department

The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation was established in 1970, starting with the out-patient department (only), at North Okkalapa General Hospital. At that time, physiotherapy treatments were provided by physiotherapists. In 2003, a consultant physiatrist was posted and in 2005 to 2009, two physiatrists (specialist AS) were assigned. Since from then, out-patient and in-patient departments were upgraded at 2009 in Thida building. The out-patient department is situated at ground floor and the in-patient department is at the second floor of the building. The department undertakes care of patients requiring any kind of physiotherapy and services offered through the physiotherapy as well as medical treatment.Post graduate, M.Med.Sc (Rehabilitation Medicine) course was started in UM 2 since 2013. Previously two years course and now three years course started in 2014. Dr.Med.Sc (Rehabilitation Medicine) course was started in UM 2 since 2017.

Former Head Of Department

Professor Than Than Htay M.B,B.S, Dip. Med.Sc(Medical Rehabilitation)

M.Med.Sc, Dr (rehabilitation Medicine)


Aim and objectives

Master degree


To produce competent Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine specialist (Physiatrist) who can lead the multidisciplinary rehabilitation teamin all rehabilitation setting.


  • To provide preventive, curative, and rehabilitative health care
  • To prevent and lessen disability in the community.
  • To promote functional outcome of patients who have difficulty in movement and activities of daily living.
  • To promote disability related quality of life of disabled persons in cooperation and coordination with other departments and organizations.
  • To produce qualified and efficient team members of rehabilitation according to the health needs of country.


Doctorate degree


To provide rehabilitation medicine specialists who are knowledgeable at an advanced level in rehabilitation practice with sufficient skills to diagnose and manage the problems of musculoskeletal disorders, neurological rehabilitation, orthopedic rehabilitation, community based rehabilitation, and sports medicine rehabilitation in accordance with national health needs.


The objectives of the course are to produce:

  • qualified rehabilitation specialist capable for comprehensive management of medical disorders of the musculoskeletal and connective tissue conditions
  • qualified rehabilitation specialist with the ability to plan the long term management of disabling diseases, congenital disorders, neurological conditions, rheumatology, orthopaedic conditions, sports medicine and sports science
  • qualified rehabilitation specialist to participate actively in the prevention and rehabilitation management of temporary, chronic and permanent disabling conditions
  • qualified rehabilitation specialist with the ability to analyze and interpret scientific publications in related fields
  • qualified rehabilitation specialist acquired to develop effective communication skills
  • qualified rehabilitation specialist with capacity to observe, analyze, plan, conduct and report a scientific research work on the subspecialty the candidate has chosen
  • qualified rehabilitation specialist with proper attitude to obtain effective rehabilitation services as an integral part of the comprehensive healthcare delivery system
  • qualified rehabilitation specialist with ability to improve one-self by continuing self-study to keep abreast with ongoing and changing trends of respective field
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