Prof Myat Myat Soe

Professor Dr.Myat Myat Soe

M.B., B.S., M.Med.Sc (Pharmacology), Ph.D. (Med.Sc.), Dip.Med.Ed.

Professor and Head

Brief HIstory Of Department

The department of Pharmacology was established by Dr. William Law, Lecturer and Head of the Department of Pharmacology, University of Medicine 1, Yangon in 1963. Then, Dr. Myint Than and Dr. Khin Kyi Kyi served as supervisor and organizer of the department from 1964 to1968, and from1968 to 1970, respectively.

The department began its course of instruction in 1965 with Dr. Kin Shein as the first head of the department. Dr. S.E., Smith, a Colombo plan adviser in Pharmacology visited the department from time to time to assist with teaching and organization of the course. A WHO Medical Officer, Z.S. Sreniawski from Poland also worked in the department from 1967 to 1970.

In 1971, Dr. Kin Ma Gyi was appointed as the Lecturer and Head of the Department and became the first Professor in Department of Pharmacology at the University of Medicine (2) in 1982. In 1988, Dr. May Winn Aung Khin became Lecturer and Head of the Department and promoted to Professorship in August 1989. When she was promoted to University of Nursing as the rector in 2001, Dr. U Kyaw became Professor and Head of the Department. He was then promoted as Pro-rector of University of Medical Technology, Yangon in March, 2007. From May, 2007 to June, 2014 Professor Dr. May Hla Thwin acted as professor and head. The present Head, Professor Dr. Nu Nu Aye was appointed in August, 2014.   There are twenty eight faculty members at present.

The routine activities of the department include teaching of the 3rd MBBS students and postgraduate students from University of Medicine (2) and Defense Service Medical Academy. Pharmacology is also taught to the students attending the Basic Medical Sciences Course which is conducted annually as prerequisite for the master courses of the clinical disciplines. The staffs of the department also take the responsibility of teaching Pharmacology to doctors who are preparing for the primary FRCS, MRCOG and MRCS examination. The M.Med.Sc. (Pharmacology) course has been conducted in the department since 1993 and the PhD course was started in 2000. The Dip.Med.Sc. (Clinical Pharmacology) course will be started in 2015-2016.


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Aim and Objectives


To acquire knowledge of the basic principles of the pharmacology considered essential for rational

  • To acquire knowledge of the basic principles of the pharmacology considered essential for rational, effective and safe use of therapeutic agents in health care.
  • To demonstrate the ability to relate the actions of the drugs to their uses and untoward effects, for the purpose of tackling therapeutic problems; in particular, making appropriate choice of drugs.
  • To describe simple experiments to illustrate the principles of pharmacology and to interpret results from these experiments.
  • To apply pharmacokinetic principles in calculating plasma drug concentrations achieved, and make dosage adjustments to achieve optimal clinical effects.
  • To accept pharmacology as a subject which play an integral part of solving health problem
  • To acquire awareness of the variability of drug responses in individuals, the existence of drug interactions which may modify usual pharmacological effects, and hazards of improper use of drugs
  • To acquire awareness of the capabilities and limitations of different drug preparations, in consideration of which the choice of appropriate drugs is made
  • To develop habit using Essential Drugs concept and Rational Prescribing practice in providing health care in developing countries.
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