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 Prof. Dr Cho Cho Lwin

M.B.,B.S, M.Med.Sc (Anes.),Dip.Med.Ed

About Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive care Unit

Department of anesthesia was a sub-specialty department under the Faculty of Surgery, Institute of Medicine 2, from 1970 to year 2000. In those days, the heads of the departments of anesthesia of North Okkalapa General Hospital took responsibility to teach anesthesia subject for final M.B.,B.S part II students (in old curriculum), for final MBBS part I students (in old curriculum) and for final M.B.,B.S part II students ( in new curriculum).

In 1998, the University had opened a post-graduate Diploma course in anesthesia. It was one year course, structured with theory and clinical trainings. A candidate needs to pass selection examination held by department of Medical science as entrance criteria for the course. Dr  Pe Sein took responsibility of the chair person of the Academic Board of diploma of anesthesia course from 1998 – 99 and Dr Than Tin Aung from 1999 – 2001.

The University awarded the, “D.A” Diploma in Anesthesia for successful candidates and in the year 2000 the name of the course, diploma in anesthesia, ‘D.A’ was changed to new title “Dip.Med.Sc (Anes.)”, Diploma in Medical Science, Anesthesia.

In the year 2000, the Department of Anesthesia, was upgraded to an independent faculty of Institute of Medicine 2. Full time teaching staffs had been appointed and Dr. Than Tin Aung was the first professor and head of the Department of Anesthesia.

In 2001, the former diploma course was stopped and first batch of doctorate course was opened in the same year. The master course first batch was started on 2003 and received five candidates. The 12 diploma awards, 69 master awards and 14 doctorate awards anesthesiologist were produced up to now and 49 master candidates and 7 doctorate candidates are still on the training.

Department of Cardiac surgical and cardiac anaesthesia was established at NOGTH in 2016 and cardiac anaesthesia  was conducted since there. In 2017, department of neuro surgical and neuroanaesthesia was started in NOGTH.

Now Professor Dr Aung Kyi  is taking the responsibility of the head of department of Anaesthesiology, University of Medicine 2, Yangon.

Former heads of department


  1. Dr. U Sein Hlaing:                                 M.B.,B.S, D.A ( London)
    ( 1977 – 1988 )
  2. Dr. Daw Shilar San San Myint:             M.B.,B.S, D.A, FFARCS ( UK)
    ( 1988 – 1994 )
  3. Dr. U Pe Sein:                                        M.B.,B.S, D.A
    ( 1994 – 1999 )
  1. Prof. Dr Than Tin Aung                         M.B.,B.S, D.A, M.Med.Sc  (Anaes),
    ( 2003 – 2010 )                                       Dr.Med.Sc ( Anaes), Dip.Med.Ed
  2. Prof. Dr  Han Htay                                 M.B.,B.S, D.A, M.Med.Sc (Anaes),
    (  2010– 2011 )                                       Dr.Med.Sc ( Anaes),  Dip.Med.Ed
  3. Prof. Dr Khin Thawdar Kyi                   M.B.,B.S, D.A, M.Med.Sc (Anaes)
    ( 2011 – 2012 )                                       Dr.Med.Sc ( Anaes), Dip.Med.Ed
  4. Prof. Dr Mi Mi Aung                             M.B.,B.S, D.A, M.Med.Sc (Anes.),
    ( 2013 – 2015 )                                     Dr.Med.Sc (Anes) , Dip.Med.Ed,
  5. Prof. Dr Mu Mu Naing                          M.B.,B.S, D.A, M.Med.Sc (Anes.),
    ( 2015 – 2015 )                                      Dr.Med.Sc (Anes) , Dip.Med.Ed,
  6. Prof. Dr Aung    Kyi                              M.B.,B.S, D.A, M.Med.Sc (Anes.),
    ( 2016 –          )                                      Dr.Med.Sc (Anes)