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Brief HIstory Of Department

Since 1997, Mental Health Department was stated under the care of lecturer/ Head of UM 2.The teaching of mental health for final year student M.B.,B.S course was introduced at this University. The course of Master of Medical Science (Psychiatry) had been started at the University of Medicine 2 in 2001. It was two years and four months course with four months training on Basic Science, one year theory and clinical training on Medicine, Neurology and Psychology and one year training of Psychiatry. Revised Master course (three years – one year in Basic Science, Psychology, Medicine and Neurology and two years for General Psychiatry and its sub-specialties) started since 2014 to produce qualified Psychiatrists and to fulfill the mental health needs of the country.


Former Head Of Department

Photo Name Degree Year
Dr. Hla Htay
M.B.,B.S, DPM, M.Med.Sc(Psych)
Professor Thuta
M.B.,B.S, DPM(Lond) , M.Med.Sc(Psych)
Professor Khin Maung Gyi M.B.,B.S, DAB(Lond) , M.Med.Sc(Psych), Prof/HeadD.Med.Ed
Dr. Win Aung Myint
M.B.,B.S, DPM , M.Med.Sc(Psych) Ass.Prof /Head
Professor Swe Swe Win
M.B.,B.S, DPM, M.Med.Sc(Psych)
Dr Than Than Aye
M.B.,B.S, DPM, M.Med.Sc(Psych)/Head Ass.Prof

Aim and Objectives



  1. Undergraduate Course
  2. Postgraduate Course


Undergraduate Courses


Final Part 2, M.B.,B.S

Institutional and departmental objectives

At the end of the course, the learner should attain the following;


  1. General knowledge of mental health
  2. General knowledge of care of common mental disorders

Teaching Topics

  1. Symptoms of mental illness
  2. Anxiety disorder
  3. Depression
  4. Bipolar disorder
  5. Schizophrenia
  6. Alcohol use disorder
  7. Substance use disorder

Learning and Teaching Methods

  1. Small group teaching
  2. Case study
  3. Completion test (MCQ)

Master of Medical Science ( Mental Health)

This course lasts for three years and was opened in 2014.The curriculum consists of Basic Science, Psychology, Medicine and Neurology and General Psychiatry and its sub-specialties.

Assessment will be done at the end of first year and will include Basic Science related to Psychiatry ,Psychology, Medicine related to Psychiatry and Neurology related to Psychiatry . Psychopathology, General Psychiatry , treatment in Psychiatry, speciality subjects in Psychiatry and Mental health including clinical bedside and viva examination will be assessed after completion of third(final)year.


Undergraduate – students are assessed by completion test ( for common mental
M.Med.Sc (Psych) – the candidate is assessed by the summative assessment at the end of first year and third year(final year)

Learning method

The theme of education is student centered, problem based, multi-displinary approach based on self-learning under the supervision and guidance of the Board of study.


Protocol is to be submitted for approval by the Board of the University during the first 15 months of the course
Finalized version of the dissertation three months before the end of the third (final) year
Other Trainings

M.Med.Sc ( Medicine)
M.Med.Sc ( Paediatrics)
M.Med.Sc (Medical Jurispudence)
M.Med.Sc (Family Medicine)
M.Med.Sc (Dermatology)
Department Activities

weekly journal readings
weekly case presentation
monthly grand round

Group photo of the Department

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