Professor Kyi Kyi Nyunt
M.B.,B.S, M.Med.Sc (OG),

Dr.Med.Sc (OG),

About Department

1. Brief History of the Department

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology came into existence with the establishment of the University of Medicine (2) in May 1963. The Defense Service General Hospital had been the sole teaching hospital until 1970 when the North Okkalapa General Hospital was affiliated as the second teaching hospital.

The late Professor U Shwe Tin, an eminent surgeon as well as an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, was the first Professor and Head of the department, under whose supervision the academic courses for the undergraduate MBBS students and for the Diploma in Obstetrics (D.Obst.) during 1978-1982 were conducted. Since 1970 the professional unit was established in North Okkalapa General Hospital (NOGH) under the supervision of Clinical Professor Khin Nu. In 1979 when Professor Shwe Tin was promoted to Director General of the Department of Medical Education, Prof. Khin Nu led the department till 1983.

In 1983, Professor Soe Myint headed the Department in North Okkalapa General Hospital and introduced postgraduate course for the Master’s Degree in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in 1985. Later, Prof.Kyu Kyu Swe, Prof.Khin Nyunt, Prof.Florence Maung Maung and Prof.Myint Maung Maung were in-charge of the Department in succession. The academic courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students have been conducted under the Institute of Medicine (2). In July 1997, the Thingangyun Sanpya General Hospital (TSGH) was affiliated as teaching hospital to the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of the University of Medicine (2),and the Obstetrics and Gynaecological Unit was supervised by the Clinical Professor Khin Myint Myint Than. By the end of 1997,  Prof. Myint Maung Maung was promoted as Medical Superintendent of North Okkalapa General Hospital and Prof Mary Krasu became the head of the Department. In 1998, Insein General Hospital (IGH) and South Okkalapa Women and Children’ Hospital (SOWCH) were also affiliated as teaching hospitals to the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of University of Medicine (2), Yangon. Prof. Mary Krasu started the program of training the General Practitioners  on reproductive health as the President of Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society, Myanmar Medical Assiociation.

Since June 1999,  following the retirement of Prof. Mary Krasu, Prof. Khin Saw Hla started the responsibility. In addition to the routine departmental activities, Prof. Khin Saw Hla started the training on post abortion care, implementing the use of  manual vacuum aspiration(MVA), post abortion counseling on family planning practices not only in the teaching hospital under the department but also for the consultants in state and divisional hospitals. She also acts as the principal investigator on post abortion care for the general practitioners under the collaboration of Myanmar Medical Association- OG society, Planned Parenthood Federation American International (PPFAI) from 2002 to 2005.

Since July 2005 Prof Khin Myint Myint Than took the responsibility of the head of department up to June, 2007. Then, Prof Win Win Mya was in-charge of the Department up to April 2009. Professor Mya Thida took the responsibility of the head of Department, from April 2009 to April 2013 and Professor Khin Htar Yi was in charge of the  Department up to April 2016. Now Professor Kyi Kyi Nyunt is taking the responsibility of the head of department.

Prof. Shwe Tin                             M.B.,B.S, F.R.C.S, F.R.C.O.G                  1967-1978

Prof. Khin Nu                               M.B.,B.S, F.R.C.O.G                                1979- 1983

Prof. Soe Myint                            M.B.,B.S, F.R.C.O.G                                1983-1986

Prof. Kyu Kyu Swe                       M.B.,B.S, F.R.C.O.G                                1986- 1988

Prof. Khin Nyunt                           M.B.,B.S, F.R.C.O.G                                1988-1990

Prof. Florence Maung Maung,        M.B.,B.S., F.R.C.O.G                                1990

Prof Myint Maung Maung              M.B.,B.S, F.R.C.O.G                                 1990-1998

Prof. Mary Krasu                          M.B.,B.S, F.R.C.O.G                                  1998-1999

Prof. Khin Saw Hla                       M.B.,B.S, M.Med.Sc(OG), F.R.C.O.G          1999-2005

Prof. Khin Myint Myint Than         M.B.,B.S, M.Med.Sc (OG),                          2005-2007

F.R.C.O.G, Dr.Med.Sc(OG)

Prof. Win Win Mya                      M.B.,B.S, M.Med.Sc (OG),                           2007-2009

M.R.C.O.G, Dr.Med.Sc (OG),

Dip.Med.Ed, F.R.C.O.G

Prof. Mya Thida                          M.B.,B.S, M.Med.Sc(OG), M.F.F.P              2009-2013

Dr.Med.Sc(OG), Dip.Med.Ed,

F.R.C.O.G, F.F.S.R.H

Prof. Khin Htar Yi                        M.B.,B.S, M.Med.Sc (OG),                         2013 – 2016

M.R.C.O.G(UK), Dr.Med.Sc (OG),

Dip.Med.Ed, F.R.C.O.G(UK)

Prof. Kyi Kyi Nyunt                     M.B.,B.S, M.Med.Sc (OG),                        2016 – till present

M.R.C.O.G(UK), Dr.Med.Sc (OG),


Undergraduate Courses

B. Postgraduate Courses

  • M.Med.Sc  Course (O&G) ( 3 years course )

Entrance requirements – The candidate must be:

  1. a citizen of Union of Myanmar
  2. a holder of MBBS or equivalent basis medical degree
  3. a minimum of 1 year in-service excluding the internship training
  4. a willingness to serve for 5 years after completion of the course

The candidate must be selected by the Board of postgraduate studies, Department of Medical Sciences.