Library Head

Daw HlaHla Win

B.Sc (Maths), DLS, (Dip. in Global English)


Brief History of the Department

The University of Medicine 2 Library is one of Medical, Biological and University libraries in Myanmar. It provides resources and services to support the teaching, learning and research needs of staff and students, in addition to hospital staff located on the University of Medicine 2.  Also helping others users and researchers for Myanmar.

University of Medicine 2 Library is located on Level 4 of Library building of the University of Medicine 2, Kay Mar Thi Road, NorthOkkalapa. The University of Medicine 2 Library was established in 1964 when the new Medical college 2 opened at Mingalardon. In 1995 Medical college change to Medical University and moved to current location.


Former Heads




U Thida B.Sc (Maths) (1993-2013)
Daw Mar Mar Aye B.Sc (Physics) (2013-2018)

Aim & objective

  • To maintain existing books, journals, office equipments and other library facilities so as to be in good order and condition
  • To expand the library collection and to continually obtain up-to-date books and journals
  • To catalog books and journals for easy reference
  • To distribute information to all departments regarding acquisition of new books, journals, CD ROM, etc
  • To give service and create an environment conducive to the advancement of medical education

Open : Mondayto Friday – 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Monday  –  9:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Close :  Saturday, Sunday and Gazetted holidays.

Email :

  • 35,000 books,
  • HINARI, AGORA and OARE database from WHO. FAO and UNEP
    There are 40 public computers throughout the University of Medicine 2 Library. These provide access to:
  • Library website
  • Email
  • Internet
  • printing and copying
  • Online course materials
  • Software – Word, Power Point, Excel and Access
  • Health Science Library

Group Photo of Full Time Staff

New & Announcement

Apr 03, 2020 - By MMcities

ဆမ ထုတ်ပေးမည့်ရက် ကြေညာခြင်း

ဆေးတက္ကသိုလ် ၂ ရန်ကုန်(၅၂)ကြိမ်မြောက် ဘွဲ့နှင်းသဘင်တွင် ဆေးပညာ(MBBS) ဘွဲ့ရရှိခဲ့ပြီး ဆရာဝန်မှတ်ပုံတင်အမှတ် ( ဆမ ) လျှောက်ထားပြီးသူများသည် (၇.၄.၂၀၂၀)ရက် အင်္ဂါနေ့မှစ၍ လိုအပ်သောအထောက်အထားများ ပြည့်စုံစွာ ယူဆောင်လျှက် မိမိတို့၏ ( ဆမ ) လက်မှတ်များကို  ကျောင်းသားရေးရာဌာနတွင် ရုံးချိန်အတွင်း လာရောက်ထုတ်ယူနိုင်ပါကြောင်း ကြေညာအပ် ပါသည်။ ဆေးတက္ကသိုလ် ၂ ရန်ကုန်